Tree surgery and firewood in Beaumont, Thorpe-le-Soken, Clacton-on-Sea, Frinton-on-Sea and surrounding areas.

We undertake all aspects of tree surgery, tree maintenance, tree removal and tree cutting. Our specialist tree surgery service is available within a 50 mile radius of our head office based in Thorpe le Soken, near Clacton-on-Sea in Essex. Firewood delivery is FREE and limited to a 20 mile radius.

Here is a summary of some of the tree work services that RWH Tree Services provide:-

Sectional dismantling of trees

Where a tree is slowly dismantled in small sections and lowered to the ground to avoid damage to anything in the immediate area.

sectional dismantling

Dead wooding trees

Where dead unstable wood is removed from a healthy tree, usually required where there is a risk to people or property, although some dead wood can be a benefit to many species of wildlife, where it is safe to be left.

deadwooding trees

Crown cleaning trees

Dead, diseased and dying wood may be removed from the crown of the tree. Broken branches, climbing plants, debris and any excessive epicormic growth may also be removed where required.

crown cleaning trees

Crown reduction of trees

Usually involves a reduction in the height and spread of the crown of the tree sometimes necessary when the tree has out grown the position in which it has been planted. The reduction is generally between 10-30% depending on the situation.

crown reduction tree

Crown lifting of trees

Removal of some lower branches from the trunk of the tree to increase clearance under the tree. Care needs to be taken with mature trees as removal of the wrong branches could possibly lead to stem failure.

crown lifting trees

Crown thinning of trees

Achieved by removing some of the branches within the crown of the tree, a more shapely, balanced crown can be achieved.

crown thinning trees

Firewood supplies

RWH Tree Services provide cut logs made from quality hardwood. We pride ourselves on being suppliers of quality hardwood firewood. All our firewood logs are seasoned for a minimum of a year and the mixture of woods used is typically ash, oak, elm and hawthorn. All the firewood logs come from locally managed woodlands, which are rotationally coppiced to increase the environmental diversity and wildlife habitats, this is carried out using traditional methods which are fully sustainable.

firewood supplies

RWH Tree Services – offer professional domestic and commercial tree surgery and firewood supplies from their premises in Essex